The Pennine Way | Adventure by Map • Summit and Beyond
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The Pennine Way | Adventure by Map

Edale to Black Hill

The Pennine Way | Adventure by Map

Welcome to this new series I have decided to produce called ‘ The Pennine Way, Adventure by Map’, This series will support you with your map reading and make you  more familiar with the sections of the Pennine Way.

The idea came to me during isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I had an urge to keep creating video content about my adventures and the trails I explore, but I am not allowed out to the mountains. Nevertheless, after walking up and down the same road every day for two weeks it hit me!

Why don’t I just make videos where I talk you through the routes I have already filmed and show the map as I talk?

So here it is! Video number 1 below is the first in a series of seven which follow me hiking the Pennine way. In this Video I start at Edale and follow the Pennine Way to Black Hill. I produced this series to share my experience and the beauty of the Pennine Way. Once you have watched this episode come back to this post and watch video number 2.

In the second Video I show you the route using OS mapping software and talk you through the different section of the video. If you prefer to use paper maps you will need Ordnance Survey 1;25000 Explorer map OL1. Alternatively you can download the software / app and follow along on your preferred device. Just click the ad below and sign up to OS.

Video 1

Video 2

Pennine Way Mapping