Guided Walks Northumberland • Summit and Beyond Mountain Adventures
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Northumberland & The Borders

Guided Walks in Northumberland & The Borders

Guided Walks in Northumberland and the borders offer us an open and wild environment to explore, many people describe this area as the Wild West. Border country has some of the most remote moorland trails and the darkest skies in the UK.


The Whin Sill is an impressive geological layer of igneous rock that runs from through Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria. This natural marvel supports impressive water falls, abrupt cliffs, in otherwise rolling moor land, and is most famously known for its historical Military and Political advantages.    


Hadrians wall, other wise know as the Roman Wall, spans the width of the the country, 73 miles, and acts like a visual time machine taking us back over 2000 years. Hadrian was a Roman Emperor and took on the task of building the wall to mark the northern most point of the Roman Empire. It is still possible to see the mile castles where Roman soldiers would have stood on sentry duty and the barracks where Roman soldiers would have lived, trained and traded.


Whether you are looking for a physical challenge or a relaxed educational adventure, Northumberland and the Borders offer everything we need.

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