Learn Navigation with Summit and Beyond Mountain Walks & Adventures
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Learning Navigation

Learn Navigation with Summit and Beyond

Having the skill to navigate using a map and compass is key to decision making while hiking in the mountains. This skill not only supports walkers to know where they are and which direction is safe to travel, but it also brings an understanding of the landscape and the environment we are operating in. Above all, learning to navigate with a map and compass inspires confidence.

Whether you are a beginner to navigation, training to be a Mountain Leader, or a Hill and Moorland leader these navigation sessions will give you the skills needed to support you to head out into the wilderness with confidence.


Check the calendar for our pre organised Navigation workshops focusing on either beginner, intermediate or advanced navigation.


If you already have experience, or are a beginner and would prefer a bespoke navigation course to be created around your needs please contact us and we will arrange a date separate from the group workshop events.


All the same, If you are unsure which session you need please contact us and we will support you to choose the right session for your current skill level.


Pre Organised Sessions
—— £80 per person ——


Bespoke Sessions
—— £150 per day ——

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