Lake District Mountain Guides • Summit and Beyond
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Lake District Mountain Guides

Summit and Beyond

Lake District Mountain Guides

Why Book a Lake District Mountain Guide?

Lake District

Most Lake District Mountain Guides will agree that guiding highlights our strength of character. Spending long periods of time leading people in very remote and potentially dangerous environments draws out our individual qualities.

Jack from Lake District Adventuring and I discussed how we shape the experiences we offer. We came to the conclusion that every guided experience we offer is a reflection on our characters.

We agreed that knowing ourselves and staying true to who we are is the most important aspect of leading people into the Lake District mountains. If we are confident with our strengths as leaders then the people we guide will have confidence in us also.

Summit and Beyond is a service aimed at providing people with the skills and confidence to head out hiking in the mountains for one or multiple days. My vision is to bring people back to nature, teach them how to survive out there and then see where their journey takes them.

Mountain Adventure Lake District
Lake District Adventuring provides the opportunity for people to push themselves to their personal limits over some of the most technical terrain in the Lake District. Jack is at his best when moving over steep exposed mountain ridges, he instills confidence in people where they might normally feel out of their depth. Check out Lake District Adventuring

Guides, Community and Skill Set

By playing to our strengths we are able to provide people with the best and safest possible experience. Nevertheless, by communicating openly and honestly we are able to offer each support when needed. The guides in the Lake District are a tight community, we want the best for each other and to see the products and services we provide thrive.

This doesn’t mean you wont find Jack walking calmly through the fells or me running ridge lines from time to time. We both appreciate the full spectrum of skills needed to operate safely and with confidence in the mountains. Even our motivation to be out there in the wilderness is the same, because we both understand the huge health benefits the mountains offer.

Summit and Beyond

The difference between Jack, my self and every other leader operating in the Lake District is what drives us. Jack is driven by technical terrain, mountain crags and ridge lines. He has the qualifications and skill to keep people safe while exposing them to these awesome hard to reach areas.

I am driven by hiking and giving people time to take in the environment we walk through. I enjoy teaching people how they can make the mountain environment home for a few days while staying safe and looking after the environment.

Throughout my journey as a guide I have learned that I am apart of a wonderful community. Between the leaders and the services we offer we cover a wide range of activities. We are highly trained professionals and possess a deep understanding of the mountain environment. Even though we operate separate, we know each others strengths and we have confidence in one another’s skill set.

The next time you come to the Lake District give us a shout. We will provide you with experiences the masses who go it alone never get to see and feel.

Check out my YouTube channel and have a look at potential adventures