Guided Walks Scotland • Summit and Beyond Mountain Adventures •
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Guided Walks in Scotland

Guided Walks in Scotland offer walking routes for all abilities, including long-distance Highland hikes, coastal treks or loch-side strolls. The Scottish Highlands are home to the UK’s tallest and most rugged mountains. When we venture out on a day hike we can experience the jaw dropping landscapes we have seen on movies like Braveheart and TV series like Outlander.


If we head out on an expedition it isn’t long before we are completely surrounded by majestic mountains. The knowledge that the nearest road is miles away brings a sense of pure connectedness to nature and it supports us to put our fast paced 21st century life style into perspective.

It is on these multi day hikes that we are more likely to experience the wild life living out there deep in the mountains. Golden Eagles can be seen soaring above the valleys and Red Deer move across the mountain sides in herds. As we follow the river to the Loch (Lake) and then navigate the ridge to the summit, we start to get inline with the deep respect demanded by these powerful mountains.

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