Guided Walks Peak District • Summit and Beyond Mountain Adventures •
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Peak District

Guided Walks in the Peak District

Guided Walks in the Peak District are green and picturesque, surrounded by industry. Huddersfield and Kirklees make up its northern boundary, Sheffield and Chesterfield the Eastern boundary Ashbourne in the south, Macclesfield and Manchester make up the western boundary.


Steeped in history because of the victorian mineral minors and the industrial revolution there is plenty to learn about. The peak district also reminds us that nature remains an important aspect of peoples lives. It has remained green as the surrounding areas have gradually become built up.


The peak District, in particular Kinder Scout is also famous because Benny Rothman arranged a mass Tress Pass in 1932 which resulted in the the right to roam and the creation of trails like the Pennine Way.


The Peak District is made up of grit stone, lime stone and wetlands we call peat bogs. This Peat dominated moor land is essential for our environment because it soaks up carbon and stores it. As well as seeing nature working hard to keep us alive, these boggy mazes also provide us with fantastic environment to learn how to navigate.

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