Guided Walks North Wales • Summit and Beyond Mountain Adventures •
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North Wales

Guided Walks in North Wales

Guided Walks in North Wales give us the opportunity to explore an area with a magnificent landscape and a welcoming culture. As we explore the valleys and listen to the locals speaking in Welsh we start to feel the warmth of a culture which has been moulded by the mountains that tower above.


The Snowdon range is host to some of the most spectacular volcanic sights in the UK. We can see where the tectonic plates have forced the earth up towards the sky. With a planned and respectful approach it is possible walk up these majestic mountains and look back down the giant into the beautiful valleys.


You may have read that Snowdonia is a busy place and this is true if we explore Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) or Glyderau the two most popular areas. Nevertheless, if you are looking for solitude the Rhinogs in the south, or the Carneddau in the North are just as spectacular but offer a more remote feeling experience.

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