Guided Walks Lake District • Summit and Beyond Mountain Adventures •
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Lake District

Guided Walks in the Lake District

Guided Walks in the Lake District amongst the poetic mountains offer us the opportunity to escape our fast paced lives and reconnect with our natural environment. The Lake district and its outstanding natural beauty has inspired many great people.


Whether you are looking for a calming, mindful experience or you would like to challenge your body and mind, with our safe guidance the lake district will provide.

Why Choose the Lake District?

The Lake District was home to Beatrix potter and motivated her stories of Peter Rabbit. Some of the worlds first Rock Climbs happened here in the Lake District, most notably Walter Parry Hasket Smiths first ascent of Napes Needle.


Alfred Wainwright put 214 of the most picturesque Lake District Mountain routes on the map, and still today, people obsess over following in his footsteps to complete all 214 Hill tops.


Recently the Lake District has staged some of the most impressive Human achievements in History. In 2018 Kilian Jornet, arguably the worlds greatest mountain ultra runner, ran 106km over 42 fells (Hills) in 12 hours and 52 Minutes. This route is known as the Bob Graham Round and to complete the challenge Runners have to get round in 24 hours. The previous record was set by Billy Bland in 1982 in 13 hours and 53 minutes.


In 2014 Steve Birkinshaw Ran 318 miles ascending 36,000m over all Alfred Wainwrights 214 hills. He completed the run in 6 days and 13 hours. In 2019 Paul Tierney completed the Wainwright Loop in 6 days and 6 hours.

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