Frequently Asked Questions • Summit and Beyond
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain Walk & Hiking FAQs


If you have a question which isn’t answered below please contact us we would love to help!

Which is the best mountain to hike first?

There are 3 mountain areas in the UK. Scotland, the Lake District and Wales. It is common for people to gravitate towards the top Google search and go with that. However, traveling to your nearest mountain area will mean less driving and a better experience all round. If you live in the South, head to Wales, Midlands, Wales or the Lake District and the North, ether the Lake District or Scotland. Speak to your Mountain Leader and work out a plan that suits your needs.

How does the 3 Peaks Challenge work?

The National 3 Peaks challenge takes on the highest mountain in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours. After hiking each mountain there is a substantial drive to the start of the next mountain. This challenge has been over publicised over the last few years and the 3 mountains involved have become so busy that there is more than often a queue at the summit. The rushed nature of the challenge also means that the clients can not contribute to the local community within the valleys of those mountains. There are many more mountain challenges in each of these areas which provide a more wholesome and educational experience, at the same time as providing the opportunity to contribute to the local community.

What clothing do I need in the mountains?

The way to approach clothing in the mountains is to think in Layers.

  • Base layer – a pair of hiking shorts / trousers / leggings and a light breathable top e.g. a Helly Hansen base layer.
  • Mid layer – a fleece top or equivalent.
  • Top Layer – a down or synthetic down jacket.
  • Waterproof layer – a waterproof jacket and over trousers.
  • Always pack a hat and/or a buff. Also pack a pair of gloves.

What equipment do I need in the mountains?

  • A good hiking back pack (see youtube channel)
  • A waterproof bag to keep extra layers dry (rubble sack, or heavy duty bin liner)
  • Poles (see youtube channel)
  • Fully charged phone incase of an emergency. Download and familiarise your self with this app –
  • Waterproof case for phone.
  • Head torch with spare batteries.
  • Map of the area and a compass.
  • If you are hiking without a guide it’s a good idea to carry a group shelter.

How do I call Mountain rescue?

Phone or text 999.
You will be asked which service you require, ask for the Police and Mountain Rescue. You will then be put through to the local Police service who will alert mountain rescue of your location.

How do I know my location in the mountains?

If you are with a guide, the guide will know your location.

If you are hiking alone or with in-experienced people and you need assistance, knowing your location is essential.

Download the following apps incase you need to find and share your location:
– View Ranger
– What 3 words.

Can I wear running shoes for hiking?

Yes! If you do not need the ankle support, running trainers are better than boots. Nevertheless, there are running shies designed specifically for trails.


Do I need boots for hiking?

Yes and No. If your doctor has instructed you to wear ankle support then you can use lighter, running styled shoes with good ankle support. These ‘boot’ styled trainers are much better for the health of your feet.


How fit do I need to be to hike a mountain?

When booking your mountain adventure be open and honest about your health and ability with your guide, we can plan an experience to suit you. Our main aim is to keep you safe and provide you with a wholesome experience that will re-energise you.

How to book a mountain guide?

If you are interested in booking a mountain guided adventure, please contact us here and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Contact us to book a guided mountain experience