Navigation for Beginners • Summit and Beyond
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Navigation Workshop

Navigation for Beginners

Navigation for Beginners

Navigation Workshop

Bouncing on your bearing

What is the aim of the course?


The aim of this course is to provide you with the basic skills of map reading and navigation. Over the years I have noticed that there is a huge part of the ‘navigation curriculum’ missing. We hardly cover any theory and instead aim to head straight out onto the area and begin practicing before we have considered the process.

I  figured that by providing simple and easy to follow video tutorials I can teach my students the process and give you all a solid foundation before we meet. This means that during the course we can focus on making the process effective in real time and send you away with the confidence to begin exercising these skills in your own time.

I believe that more people should be accessing the outdoors, especially the mountain areas, because exposure to these powerful places boosts our mental and physical health. My aim is to give people the skills to access these areas safely.

Map Reading

Learn more about Summit and Beyond here

What does this course include?

This two day course, 13th and 14th March, will take you from complete novice to understanding how to navigate in the mountain areas. We will cover the following subjects.

  • Understanding Maps
  • How to take a 6 figure grid reference
  • The 8 steps of Navigation for beginners
  • Orientating the map using the compass
  • How to take a bearing
  • Measuring distance
  • Using the contours
  • Pacing
  • Timing
  • Tick off features
  • Features to handrail

It is better to book on to the course early so that you can work through the first stage before we meet.

Summit and Beyond

Stage 1

I have developed a series of video tutorials to provide you with a solid foundation before we head out into the wild to navigate. By studying these videos you will have more confidence in your own ability as we begin the course.

Once you book your place on the course I will give you access to a web page with the 11 videos covering the topics listed above. This content is yours to use as a reference when ever you need. If you study the content before we meet you will have a much deeper understanding of how navigation works. This means you can put the theory to practice over the two days and be comfortable with making mistakes. You can do this knowing I will be there to support you to get back on track using the navigation skills we have explored and now practiced.

map reading

Stage 2

The 2 day course will include the following:

Day 1
  • How to orientate the map correctly
  • How to take a bearing
  • Working out distance
  • Work out and use timings
  • Work out and use pacing
  • Walking on a bearing
Day 2
  • How to use features in navigation
  • How to create a safe and simple route to navigate
  • Practice and repeat until the process is clear.

How to book your place

£160 per person

The full amount needs to be paid before the event. To confirm your place please pay a non refundable £20 deposit to

Mr Benjamin Yates

Account: 73681868

Sort: 77-56-01

Use the reference Mar1314



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13 - 14 Mar 2021


All Day
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