Black Hill to Widdop | The Pennine Way by Map • Summit and Beyond
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Black Hill to Widdop | The Pennine Way by Map

Pennine way

Black Hill to Widdop | The Pennine Way by Map

In this video I use OS mapping software. I provide a commentary through the second day of my Hike from Edale to Tan hill. Day two started at Black Hill and ended at Widdop.

OS Mapping

This series of videos is brought to you with the support of OS Maps. If you are considering heading out on an adventure into the wilderness OS maps are an essential tool. You can find the map you need by typing the area into the search bar below

Signing up to OS maps is easy all you need to do is click on the shop now button at the top of the page. This will redirect you to the OS maps website where you can sign up for paper maps and the app.

Episode 2 Black Hill to Widdop

If you have’nt seen episode one, Edale to Black hill you can watch it by tapping here 

I made daily videos of my hike and you can watch the whole series on my YouTube channel here 

I recommend watching the vlog of day two first and then move onto the commentary by map. Watching the vlog first gives you a feel for the terrain and the route I hiked and then moving onto the map it is easier to orientate yourself to the location and sights.

Tap on the 1st image blow to watch the vlog of day two and then come back and tap the 2nd image to watch the commentary by map

1st Image

2nd image

Thank you for watching and dont forget to grab your OS maps here and you can download the app by clicking the shop now button below.